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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Dolphins, Butterflies and the New Morning Sunrise

I did get up early and Fran and I grabbed some Wawa coffee and set up camp on the beach. As we were walking onto the beach, I immediately saw the fin and knew the dolphins were out. They ended up playing and eating right in front of us all morning. They are such beautiful, amazing creatures. There was a whole family splashing around. My favorite is when they come completely out of the water and then splash the water with their tail on the way back in. It's neat.
The morning was perfect and the sunrise was amazing. It seems like you wait and wait and then once the sun peeps its head over the horizon, it just takes off. We sat around talking and watching the dolphins and then just before we started leaving, we saw a monarch. It landed on the sand and I was able to get close enough to take a picture.
Once we got back to the house, everyone was up. Olivia, Teresa's daughter, wanted to watch Backyardigans. Katie always enjoyed watching this show and every now and then it she was flipping through the channels and it was on, she'd make me watch. The particular episode that Olivia wanted to watch was with the Yetti. I can still hear Katie do the Yetti call. Yetti, Yetti, Yetti, Yetti! So I'm trying to figure out how to work the DVD & TV when Olivia asks me if I would watch it with her. I debated with myself and I thought I could make a compromise. So I told her, "we'll see once I get it set up." Then like a shot straight into my heart she says, "Aunt Kate used to watch it with me." It was the first time I realized how few memories Olivia will have of Katie and this is one of them. So, needless to say, I watched the Yetti.
Then we went to the liquor store to see their wine selection that was advertised as one of the best on the East Coast. It was nice and Fran and I talked about what we'd like to try some day and what we had already tried. Then walking down one of the aisles, I just stopped and stared at a bottle. I have never seen it in the store but it was a bottle of pinot noir that Katie and I had at Alice Weingarten's restaurant in Key West. I picked the bottle up and I almost had to put it down because I was shaking so bad. So my morning was pretty much an emotional rollercoaster. I held it together though. I'm not sure how.
I also came to the realization that one of the biggest struggles I will have for the rest of my life will be little baby Rebecca. She is so sweet and well mannered. We were playing and she giggled and smiled. But every time I see her, it is a jolting reminder that she and Prudence should be the same age. So it is like watching a little one grow up and always knowing there is void where another one should be.


JP said...

Beautiful pics James. Time has surely flown by. I am not sure if you feel the same way. You are remarkable in so many ways brother and true warrior. Thank you, for being a friend, though we do not see each other as often. Know this, the friendship bond will never be broken, I am always here for you, no matter the distance thay may seperate. May God Bless you and continue to use you for whatever purpose He has.

Anonymous said...

Had a few minutes before a morning meeting so I caught up on my reading...I agree, the pictures are spectacular! I continue to pray for you and hope you are able to enjoy many more sunrises and dophins in the years ahead! Brenda


Through the worst tragedy I could never imagine, my life has become what it has become. Through this blog, I will continue to tell my story. Some days are good and many are not, but those are the cards I've been delt and I will continue to play my hand until the Lord makes me fold. Also, I hope that you will learn more about Pancreatic cancer and help bring light to this horrible disease so that other victims will be given more time to enjoy life than my precious wife had. Happy reading.