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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Last Day Of Normal

I knew that today was the day that we found out that something was wrong with Katie but I didn't think about it being the last day that it would be "normal." It was the last day before we knew that this was serious. I remember telling a friend that they found something but that it was most likely masses caused by birth control pills or that there was a possibility that it was cancer but nothing super serious. It would be the last day that I would ever get think my life would continue on as planned. I remember be most concerned about the baby and how this would affect the pregnancy because I really thought that we were going to be dealing with gall bladder issues. If only that had been true. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

I can only imagine how sad you are today. Please try to keep your heart light and your chin up!! And I will be looking forward to your post about the shows air date!! All my prayers are for you today!!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say how truly sorry I am for your loss and I am praying for you and your family. I have been reading your care pages and this blog since you started it. My mother was Katie's primary doctor, who was heartbroken that she had to tell you such awful news. She came to me with your story (names withheld at the time), and I remember it vividly, because she told me on the first day of my new job, which happens to be in cancer research. You guys have stuck in my head since last year, and I actually thought about you both recently, when I marked my one year anniversary working here. I also think of you both every time I see that beautiful lighthouse hanging on the wall of our living room. You, along with other cancer victims and survivors, are constant reminders of why I am in this line of work and why I want to continue in it. You are truly correct when you say Katie (and you!) has succeeded in touching the lives of so many people. God Bless...


Through the worst tragedy I could never imagine, my life has become what it has become. Through this blog, I will continue to tell my story. Some days are good and many are not, but those are the cards I've been delt and I will continue to play my hand until the Lord makes me fold. Also, I hope that you will learn more about Pancreatic cancer and help bring light to this horrible disease so that other victims will be given more time to enjoy life than my precious wife had. Happy reading.