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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fall Craft Show

So I go to walk Logan this morning and I take him directly towards the back side of the house and down the driveway to the street behind me. I'm noticing that there are cars lined up and down the road and the whole time I'm trying to figure out who is having a party. So we walk around for a bit and I came back the same way because I wanted to figure out who was so popular but there were no signs of one particular house being bombarded with people, the people getting our of their cars didn't have gifts and they weren't dressed up. So we call the off the exploratory expedition and head back to the house when I notice that the church parking lot is packed. And then I realize. I look down the road to downtown and I see a familiar sight. It is the Pitman Fall Craft Show. Vendors line the streets selling things we don't need but seem to want anyway. I remember that last year, we went. Katie had found this Asian brocade purse at the spring craft show and wanted another. And she found one. She also found these signs/picture things that she wanted to have made for the baby's room. It was so fun walking around the event with my pregnant wife and seeing other pregnant mothers and babies and talking about ours and making plans. This was one of the last times that we were able to do something together. I had forgotten about it.
On a less depressing note, people are responding well to my tattoo. Luckily, I love it so much that I don't care but it's always good to have people agree. As the red is fading out, I'm noticing more and more of the detail. Ami did such an amazing job of adding depth and movement to it. I feel so vain because I continually find myself staring at it. I have to literally tell myself not to scratch it because it is really starting to itch! But it is healing nicely.

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