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Saturday, August 11, 2007


Today I had a chance to get some budgeting and organization started. Going through all the boxes of paperwork looking for the IRS stuff reminded me of how organized Katie was. I guess I need to use her example. There are lists all over this house and in boxes. Some are meaningless house chore lists and work lists and I toss them. But other lists I remember her making or they were about things that she wanted to do. I found a drawing that she did of how she wanted the rooms in the house rearranged after the baby came. There are lists of things that we needed for the baby, a budgeting lists for the baby. And I have one list that is mine that sits next to the computer that I can't toss. It's a list of 4 items. Katie called me from the hospital one day when I ran home to pay bills and gave me a list of things to bring back. And for whatever reason that list means so much to me.
It has been good to start writing again. I forgot how therapeutic it was (and I also didn't have the time!) I think that I am going to get rid of cable for a while. I hardly ever watch TV anymore and I could be writing or reading or exercising or doing a lot more productive things. I'll see if I can actually follow through on that, but I feel that it would get me closer to doing the things that I need/want to do. And almost more importantly, it would save me 80 bucks a month. I can't believe that it costs that much!! Digging into the budget really opened my eyes to waste that is built into my spending. It's unfortunate that I haven't applied my knowledge of budgeting and finance from the restaurant to my life, but I guess it's never too late. Now if I could just start turning a profit on myself!!

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