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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Out of town . ..

Needless to say, from my lack of blogging my time has been very tied up. I will be out of town visiting one of my best friends for 3 days. I made these plans in February and I am really excited to get to hang out for a few days. It's exactly what I need right now. When I get back, I'll update on everything that is happening which is a lot with work and the butterfly release. So stay tuned and hang tight. And please pray that I have a safe trip! And get your Mother's day cards in the mail!!

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Through the worst tragedy I could never imagine, my life has become what it has become. Through this blog, I will continue to tell my story. Some days are good and many are not, but those are the cards I've been delt and I will continue to play my hand until the Lord makes me fold. Also, I hope that you will learn more about Pancreatic cancer and help bring light to this horrible disease so that other victims will be given more time to enjoy life than my precious wife had. Happy reading.