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Monday, April 2, 2007

A Special Visit

Before I woke up Sunday morning, I had the most wonderful dream. In the beginning of the dream, I was wearing glasses and then I remembered that I didn't wear glasses anymore and when I took them off, my vision was blurry. I chalked it up to the fact that I messed my eyes up by wearing them and I was quite disappointed. Then I was at the Kmart parking lot. I was here in NJ but the Kmart was the one in Tallahassee. We were putting on a fund raiser and I was helping the band set up in the middle of the parking lot. Kmart was nice enough to let us use their electricity so I was I was duck taping the extension cords to the ground when I looked up and saw Katie. She was dressed in a black and white dress jacket that hit just above the knees and flared out a bit and knee-length skirt and she had high heels on but I don't remember them. I had never see this outfit before. Her hair was down and at first, it was like she didn't see me. But as I started walking towards her, her hair started blowing in the wind and her face lit up. She was so beautiful. As I approached her, I was excited because I thought I was remembering a memory I had forgotten. I knew that this wasn't real. And when I finally reached her, before I could even speak or hug or kiss her, she handed me a card. I looked down at the card and it had little notes scribbled this way and that. She said, "Here are some notes from the other side." Back in reality, Logan started barking and everything froze. It was like hitting pause for a brief second and then it was gone. As much as this was a dream, I am inclined to believe that it was more than a dream. It never felt like a dream. Sometimes dreams are so real that it takes a minute when you wake up to readjust. This wasn't like that. I knew that it wasn't reality. Is it possible that God could allow her a chance to see me? Or is it just my imagination playing an April Fool's joke on me? Either way, it was a wonderful gift to see her.


JP Manzi said...


That is incredible. It was, without a doubt, more then just a simple dream. I hope this vision in some way, gave you some comfort.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to try and make me a believer...I am sure there will be many more of these times. I still feel her all around the "work" we do with these makes me sad and happy at the same time. Take care of yourself! Brenda (and I will master this anonymous vs identity thing soon!)


Through the worst tragedy I could never imagine, my life has become what it has become. Through this blog, I will continue to tell my story. Some days are good and many are not, but those are the cards I've been delt and I will continue to play my hand until the Lord makes me fold. Also, I hope that you will learn more about Pancreatic cancer and help bring light to this horrible disease so that other victims will be given more time to enjoy life than my precious wife had. Happy reading.