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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Logan's Winter Blues

Logan doesn't do so well on ice. He handles snow pretty well. When he walks on snow, his little toothpick legs can sink to the ground and he still gets good traction although he might be cold. With the ground completely frozen over with a couple of inches of ice, Logan just slides around which makes it hard when he tries to hold himself up to pee or when he tries to keep his legs still enough to "go poo-poo". It's actually pretty funny, but a little sad! He's so pitiful looking. I'm attaching some pics of the animals. Many of you have heard lots of stories of Logan and the cats so now you can put some fuzzy faces with the names.
Katie with Kaiser (black) & Josh (silver).

Austin knew something was wrong before any of us. He was by Katie's side constantly. (Completely unusual behavior for him.)
Logan's completely over posing by this picture!
For those that have had issues trying to check out the links, they should all be fixed. I checked them myself. I think the biggest problem linkwas Teresa's Relay For Life donation page. Even if you don't want to donate, you should check it out.
St. Patty's day came and went without a hitch. Work was very busy and I didn't really have too much time to think. So I guess that was good. But now that I'm winding down for the night, it does sink in a little bit. I actually enjoyed going through a couple of photo albums last night. I thought it might be a little too depressing but the only thing depressing was realizing how out of shape I'm in right now! I feel like I have 1000s of pictures and I wish that I had 100 times that many. Although I might actually have that many if I would ever go through the boxes in the basement! So my lesson to all is take lots of pictures, of special events, of everyday goofiness. The worst thing that could happen is your grandchildren throw them away after you die because they won't recognize anyone in them.


JP Manzi said...

Thanks for sharing these pics James. I have not seen these. After being with your pets and seeing how friendly and loving they are......I can see where they get it.

molly said...

James, thanks for putting up these's nice to see Kaiser's little vacant eyes never change! I'm surprised he wasn't curled up in a box somewhere that was way too small for him!


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